Studies show that early childhood developmental programs have a tremendous influence on a child’s chance at academic success. Skills that used to be taught in first grade are expected of our 1 to-4-year-old children in preschool classrooms. Our children have been on this earth for only 12, 24, 36, 48 months and this is why it becomes ever more crucial to remember the value of play in the classroom.

The purpose for our Toddler and Preschool program is to help create a basis for healthy development. Our learning environment, which is their third teacher, focuses on satisfying the child’s need of success/worth, fun/enjoyment choice/freedom, and belonging /respect/love. The children are helped to think through problem solving with hands on experienced which develops critical thinking, logical thinking and positive social finesse which are needed as they mature. Instilling Christian values assures children that are full of hope, joy and love.

We believe that our role as early educators is to encourage a child’s sense of wonder, active imagination, ability to relate to other people, willingness to try new things, explore, promote independence, have fun and allow a natural love of learning in the classroom. Children can achieve their best with a curriculum that is appropriate and that builds upon itself year after year.

Most importantly we recommend Parents choose a school environment that fits the child’s personality and not look for an environment that the child has to fit into.


Program Descriptions

An intimate setting with 9 children and 1 teacher and a teacher assistant. In this classroom you will see cuddles, encouraging words, giggles and lots of talking to our toddlers to instill trust and provide a healthy environment for movement, exploration and communication. The class is filled with manipulatives, sensory activities, and art supplies. Encouraging language with songs, learning finger plays and hearing lots of stories. Activities that foster and develop large and fine motor skills are planned every week. The children are assessed twice a year to see their development.

An intimate setting with 12 children and 1 teacher and a teacher assistant. In this classroom you will see hugs, encouraging words, children singing, laughing, and just having fun with their friends. Our teachers encourage natural curiosity in a loving and very active learning environment. Centers, with fun age appropriate manipulatives, are always open for imaginary play in home center or blocks, creativity and painting in the art center and lots of books in our reading corner. We encourage self-help skills, language skills and social growth. Activities that strengthen their gross and fine motor skills are planned every week. Potty-training is encouraged when the student is ready and not before. We do assess the students twice a year to see their development.

This is a classroom of 18 children and one teacher and a teacher assistant. You will see children encouraged with hugs and positive words so that our children can attain independence, build self-confidence, manners and self-help skills. Our lessons plan with activities, in their learning center and classroom, provide opportunities for math concepts, investigative skills, creative art, language, cognitive skills, problem solving, and engage the student in independent experiences.

This is a classroom of 20 children and one teacher and a teacher assistant. Our children are hugged, encouraged, and motivated to do reach their potential every day. Our program promotes kindergarten readiness with activities to reinforce the learning process, as well as social finesse. Classroom activities allows for cooperative play, collaborative problem solving skills, child initiation, as well as child directed themes. The learning centers filled with manipulatives give them opportunities for learning, self-motivation, self-expressive art, and fostering cognitive skill. We also focus on their basic writing skills and the development of the whole child.

Where do I start?

Each child is unique, so finding the right ‘fit’ in a preschool program is important. We try to personalize the process with a few easy steps:

Step 1. Explore the information about our curriculum, our philosophy, and the links listed on this page. Feel free to make a list of questions. We love it when parents ask questions!

Step 2. Schedule a tour of Good Samaritan Christian Academy. Meet our teachers and staff. Visit our classrooms. You’ll walk away with a much clearer picture of what we do and if we meet your child’s needs.

Step 3. Fill out our Application for Enrollment and bring it by our offices. We would love to make your family part of our Good Samaritan CAN community! You can email your completed application to

School Hours

  • School Hours 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Half-Day Curriculum 8:20 am – 12:00 pm 
  • Pickup time for half-day students is NOON. 
  • SCHOOL CLOSES at 5:00 p.m. 

A LATE FEE of $1.00 per minute will be charged for students picked up after pickup time. Payment is due at time of pickup.